Mille regretz

Mille regretz is based on the chanson of the same name by Renaissance composer Josquin des Prez, a beautifully poignant secular polyphonic work in the Phrygian mode. The ghost of Josquin’s piece haunts this present work, lending its motivic material, harmonic landscapes, and polyphonic sensibilities to the ‘new’ material. Josquin's composition finally appears in its entirety at the conclusion of the work, emerging, as it were, as a timeless monument amidst the rubble of the modern.

Mille regretz was commissioned by tubist Danny Rowland during the spring and summer of 2011 and later revised in the spring of 2012. Parts 1 and/or 2 may be played by on euphoniums, if desired. Duration: c. 11'.

Mille regretz de vous abandonner
Et d'eslonger vostre fache amoureuse,
Jay si grand dueil et paine douloureuse,
Quon me verra brief mes jours definer.

A thousand regrets at deserting you
and leaving behind your loving face,
I feel so much sadness and such painful distress,
that it seems to me my days will soon dwindle away.

Recording: In Motus Tuba Quartet on their debut album, In Motus (Emeritus 20162). In Motus Tuba Quartet is Albert Miller, Sarah Miller, Chris Dickey, and Genevieve Clarkson. You can order the album here.


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